What's LAMBERTS EcoGlass?

The concept of EcoGlass is based on nine pillars making it one of the most sustainable construction products available:


1. Oxygen-fired furnace since 1996!

Since 1996 LAMBERTS is the first and only cast glass company in the world to manufacture all glass types using an oxygen-fired melting furnace which is the most ecologically sustainable method available. This pioneering step was implemented due to our deep conviction that production processes should be evaluated and improved in terms of environmental friendliness. Through the years LAMBERTS continuously made an effort to gradually enhance all production processes.

2. Percentage of recycled glass in the molten glass

At LAMBERTS we recycle 100 % of our glass rejects during production and use up to 50 % recycled glass from the economic cycle by means of optimized production processes.

3. Green energy

As of 2011 all of Glasfabrik LAMBERTS, from the computers in the administrative offices to the melting furnaces in production – is solely powered by more expensive green electricity – a decision made deliberately. Since the beginning in 1887 our factory is located in Wunsiedel, Bavaria. Wunsiedel is probably one of the leading green cities in Germany as the energy made available by the Stadtwerke (municipal works) is 100 % green and generated 100 % in Bavarian run-of-river power stations.

4. Sustainability

LAMBERTS EcoGlass is 100 % reusable if it – for whatever reasons – needs to be disposed in the future. When it is melted down, no harmful side effects are created whatsoever. On the contrary! The melting down of our glasses would have additional environmental benefits.

5. Antimony free glasses

For decades all glasses manufactured at LAMBERTS, including the solar glasses for photovoltaics and the collector industry, are made without cheap antimony. This raw material has been under suspicion to be carcinogenic for a long time.

6. Low CO2 emissions

The Glasfabrik LAMBERTS is one of the best architectural cast glass companies in the world while also ensuring lowest CO2 emissions (see downloads: Environmental Product Declaration).

7. CO2 savings in buildings due to greatly improved thermal insulation glass

Lambert's glass products and thermal insulation solutions themselves contribute to reducing CO2 emissions with significantly improved thermal insulation concepts and optimised U-values (also in combination with Thermolight products). The energy savings they achieve compensate within a short time for the CO2 emissions generated during their manufacture.

8. Bird protection

Up to 100 million birds die every year in Europe, and up to one billion in the USA, because glass in architecture is not recognised as an obstacle in time. In 2016, LAMBERTS LINIT©EcoGlass was the first profiled building glass to be tested and certified as bird-friendly by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC), the leading authority on bird-friendly architecture in the USA. The same applies to LAMBERTS ornamental glass.


9. World's first architectural glass manufacturer with certificate of origin and latest EPD for all glass products

Lamberts is the first architectural glass manufacturer in the world (flat glass, ornamental glass, wired glass, profiled glass, solar glass) to provide proof of origin and a currently valid EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) from an authorised testing institute in accordance with European standards for all its glass products and all its production plants.


All those measures and many more individual actions result in the fact, that we are not only offering you glass products successfully contributing to architecture as an application-specific, ecological material for many years, but also in the fact that the glasses are manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way currently available.