Color enameled

By burning ceramic colors into the inside of the glass the designer is able to create LINIT®EcoGlass facades in a variety of RAL-colors (from white via orange through to black) with more or less translucency, depending on the color. For planners and constructors preferring the whitish color of so-called etched / frosted glass we have a special type of LINIT color available, that is emulating the appearance of etched glass on the basis of ceramic colors.

The aesthetic brilliance of the glasses, just like with sandblasted LINIT S, can be considerably improved using low iron LINIT. The advantage of LINIT color lies particularly in the fact that the ceramic color is burnt into the glass at a temperature of approx. 650 C°. This results in an outstanding, lasting durability – especially combined with UV radiation – compared to conventional color applications with lower temperatures.

If desired, it is also possible to only partially enamel the LINIT glasses to create surfaces with and without color within the facade. All LINIT glasses from our product range (see downloads) – except wired glass and coated glasses 1.7W, azure and solex - can be enameled up to a length of 7 meters.

It should be noted that LINIT color and LINIT S are not considered a normal building material in Germany. Therefore, approval needs to be obtained on a case-by-case basis. Our sales staff can provide you with all the test reports and product specifications needed for that.

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