Glass – same but different!

Starting in the early nineteen-nineties, when a growing environmental movement in Germany caused a profound change of views regarding our dealings with nature and available resources, LAMBERTS already began to concentrate on ecological improvement of all relevant corporate processes, especially the production.

This is all the more motivated by the fact that we are based in the natural preserve region of the "Fichtelgebirge" in the heart of wonderful nature since 1887. Company founder Laurenz Lamberts chose Wunsiedel-Holenbrunn due to its perfect geographic location, where he was able to manufacture glass from locally mined, natural products.

In a first step, we analyzed and scrutinized the manufacturing method (the melting furnace and the firing method) as well as the use of recycled glasses from our own and economic cycle.

Over the years all measures were combined in our concept "LAMBERTS iEcoGlass" which is still unique in the field of architectural and structural glass.

Projects of highest quality according to strict environmental demands

Meanwhile the conviction prevails that eco-friendly construction materials are contributing to environmental issues in general but also to an increase in value of projects – especially when buildings are constructed according to the leading environmental rating systems and labels of the respective countries. Due to the aforementioned EPD planners and investors now have an additional basis for the use of LAMBERTS glasses in such projects.