Ever since the company was established by glass engineer Laurenz Lamberts in 1887, the staff at Glasfabrik LAMBERTS has devoted themselves to the manufacturing of cast glass which is glass formed by rolling processes. The family-owned company is the only european cast glass manufacturer that is not bound to any group and is the largest cast glass factory in Europe with modern facilities and state-of-the art machinery.

Furthermore, LAMBERTS is the only glass factory in Germany and Europe to manufacture U profile glass in all stages of production (semi-finished as well as refined glass products).


Variety and flexibility

We are the only cast glass company in the world to manufacture all types of existing cast glass:

LAMBERTS LINIT U-Glass, a special and "U"-shaped rolled glass
LAMBERTS Ornament Glass (also available as a special patterned glass for facades)
Antimony-free Solar Glass LAMBERTS EcoSolar (optimized cast glass generating solar power since 1993!)
LAMBERTS Wired Glass and Wired Ornament Glass

Ecology – the lowest CO2 emissions

As the first and only cast glass company in the world, LAMBERTS manufactures all glasses according to a unique EcoGlass concept (see Ecology). LAMBERTS is one of the leading factories for architectural glass in highest quality while producing with lowest CO2 emissions.

This is why we are not only offering glass products that successfully contribute to architecture as application-specific, ecological material for years to come, but also glasses manufactured the eco-friendliest way possible.

For this very reason LAMBERTS LINIT U-glass was selected by an expert jury as one of the TOP 10 GREEN BUILDING PRODUCTS in 2008. The international competition was organized by the renowned trade journal „Sustainable Industries“ and LINIT U-glass was the only glass product among the winners.


All LAMBERTS glasses are manufactured solely in our factory in Wunsiedel, Upper Franconia (Germany), by a workforce that fosters family traditions. We are using state-of-the-art machinery and comply with the highest quality and environmental standards. It is a matter of course that we are certified in compliance with the Quality Standards DIN ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 50001:2018.

Continious advancements of our glasses in partnership with suppliers and costumers have resulted in the fact that our products experience a greater demand than ever and are increasingly applied in the most sophisticated projects.

Most sophisticated projects and applications with glasses made by LAMBERTS

After World War II, U-glass was originally used as a cheap, cost-effective solution for simple industrial and commercial buildings. Today it is used for elaborate, design-driven architectural projects all over the world – such as museums, theaters, shopping centers, stadiums and many more – due to its quality, refinement possibilities, clear forms and technical variety.
LAMBERTS LINIT U-glass is part of the training facilities of FC Bayern München and Real Madrid as well as the cable car station built for the Olympic Games in London or the Stubai glacier.

The most renowned architectural offices in the world like Steven Holl, Ian Ritchie, Rem Koolhaas and many more are planning with LAMBERTS glasses. Internationally renowned architecture awards like the LEAF prize awarded by the Leading European Architect Forum (most recently in 2016 for the Sainsbury Wellcome Center as Best Project and Best Facade) or a number of AIA Honor Awards reflect the great appreciation for our products..

Many years ago, our deep conviction, that cast glass can be used for more brilliant things, encouraged us to break new ground and explore new horizons. As a result, we are the first profiled cast glass manufacturer (since 2000) to offer thermally toughened and processed U-glass of up to 7 meters as safety glass (with or without color enameling or sandblasting).

We are also constantly widening our portfolio of glass surfaces to meet the growing demands of the architects for the most aesthetic solutions. In addition, the very first point-fixed profiled glass facade (via drill hole) was successfully realized with LAMBERTS LINIT U-glass.

LAMBERTS Ornament Glasses are frequently used in facades as an alternative to neutral float glass or in combination with float glass due to their impressive play of light.

LAMBERTS EcoSolar is the first antimony-free solar glass for the photovoltaics and collector industry.

You can look forward to many more new products and enhancements in the future.
On our "Projects" page you can click through a selection of already finished projects. Or learn more about why LAMBERTS glasses are also special in regard to ecological criteria on our page "Ecology".