Aesthetically attractive

Additional refinement steps allow for facades with LINIT®EcoGlass that are aesthetically a lot more interesting and attractive. These refinement steps are made using our own manufacturing facilities mostly designed by LAMBERTS for the specifics of U-glass. In doing so, we can guarantee our customers the high LAMBERTS quality we are known for.


LINIT S is a U-profiled glass with a sandblasted inner surface refracting and diffusing the light completely. As a result, you can no longer see clear outlines (in contrast to directed permeability). This creates a soft, whitish hue making the LINIT facade more attractive and providing an additional lightness at comparatively low costs – especially when the glass facade is backlit.

The brilliance of such a facade can be enhanced by using so called low iron LINIT instead of standard glass: low iron LINIT, due to its lower iron content, significantly reduces the green tint usually found in standard glass and thereby accentuates the visual appearance of the sandblasting.

If desired, it is also possible to only partially sandblast the LINIT glasses to create translucent surfaces within the glass wall. Please observe the product specification of LINIT S as it is decisive of the definition regarding product quality and control. LINIT S is also available as a toughened version.

All LINIT glasses from our product range – except the coated glasses 1.7W,
azure and solex - can be sandblasted up to a length of 7 meters.

504 S (sandblasted)

clarissimo S (sandblasted)

solar S (sandblasted)

cord S (sandblasted)

prismasolar S (sandblasted)

ice S (sandblasted)

magico S (sandblasted)

moiré S (sandblasted)