Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

London, England

ArchitectIan Ritchie Architects, London - England
ProductLINIT®EcoGlass P 40/60/7, low iron, solar, TCH (toughened, color ceramic frit, heat-soak-test), in combination with translucent insulating material (TIM)
  • LEAF Awards: Overall Winner (2016)
  • LEAF Awards: Best Façade Design and Engineering: Winner (2016)
  • BCI Awards: Major Building Project of the Year (over £50m): Winner (2016)
  • RICS Awards (London): Project of the Year: Winner (2017)
  • RICS Awards (London): Design Through Innovation: Winner (2017)
  • German Design Award: Excellent Communications Design - Architecture: Winner (2018)
  • Premio Internazionale Ischia di Architettura Innovation Prize (2020)
PhotosMarcela Grassi