LAMBERTS wired glass

The Glasfabrik LAMBERTS is the only privately owned cast glass factory in Europe manufacturing cast glass integrated with wire mesh according to DIN 1249, T. 4 / DIN EN 572, T.6.

LAMBERTS wired glass measures up to the applicable German and European standards regarding thickness tolerance (7 mm: 6,6 min. and 7,7 mm max. thickness) as well as deviations of sheet dimensions.

LAMBERTS is currently offering wired glass in 15 different standard dimensions which provides customers with an economical efficient blank cut. In addition, we are able to offer fixed dimensions for large orders.

The application of LAMBERTS wired glass in Germany follows the specifications of valid technical regulations regarding the use of linear mounted vertical and overhead glazing. It is a given that all relevant national and international construction laws and regulations have to be strictly followed.