Lamberts Glas GmbH & Co. KG


Lamberts is the first and only glass manufacturer in the world to manufacture all glass types using an oxygen-fired melting furnace, this currently being the most ecologically sustainable method available!

This pioneering step was based on the recognition that production processes should be evaluated and improved in terms of environmental friendliness as well, and the project was implemented by Lamberts back in the nineteen nineties already. LAMBERT has gradually refined its manufacturing process over the years, enabling its glass products to be produced with the maximum possible share of recycled glass, and of the highest quality.

Emissions that are common in glass manufacturing are already reduced to a minimum during the production process at Lamberts, this being particularly due to the use of the special glass furnace. An intricate filter system reduces any remaining emissions to a level that sets standards, especially on a global scale.

These and many additional individual measures enable us to offer you glass products that for many years now not only successfully contribute towards an ecologically sustainable future in architecture, but also apply the most ecologically friendly methods possible in their manufacturing process.

This year, within the scope of a large international competition organized by the renowned journal "Sustainable Industries", LAMBERTS LINIT U-profile has been distinguished by the jury as one of the TOP 10 GREEN BUILDING PRODUCTS 2008, and is the only glass products among the winners.