Lamberts Glas GmbH & Co. KG

What is LAMBERTS EcoGlass?

The concept of EcoGlass rests on four main pillars, which makes it one of the most sustainable building products available:

Oxygen fired furnace
Since 1996 Lamberts is the first and only architecturial glass manufacturer in the world to manufacture all glass types using an oxygen-fired melting furnace, this curently being the most ecologically sustainable method available!
This pioneering step was based on the recognition that production processes should be evaluated and improved in terms of environmental friendliness as well, and the project was implemented by Lamberts back in the nineteen nineties already. LAMBERTS has gradually refined its manufacturing processes over the years, enabling its glass products to be produced with the maximum possible share of recycled glass, and the highes quality.
Emissions that are common in standard glass manufacturing (where air is used instead of oxygen), like for example NOx emissions, are already reduced to nothing or a minimum during the production processes at Lamberts factory, this being particularly due to the use of the special glass furnace.
An intricate filter system reduces any remaining emissions to  a level that sets standards, especially on a global scale.

Recycled glass content of the molten glass

LAMBERTS recycles 100% of their glass loss during production and, in consequence of intelligent glass processes, uses in their production up to 50% of post-consumer recycled glass (at a guaranteed minimum of 30% and an average of 41,2% in 2010). We still have to live with these percentage deviations, because there is still not as much suitable post consumer recycled glass available as we would like to use.
For special projects and orders it is possible to guarantee a higher maximum post-consumer recycled glass percentage than 30%, when we are able to plan the production dates right in time.

Green electricity
Since 01.01.2011 the whole Glasfabrik LAMBERTS, from the PC's in the administration to the glass furnace in the production, uses exclusively green electricity.
Since its start in 1887, our factory has always been located in Wunsiedel, Bavaria, which is probably one of the leading green cities in Germany where all consumed electricity is green electricity by now.
We have decided early 2010 to do this next (and besides sgnifaicantly more expensive) step, because we are convinced, that also industrial manufacturers do have a social obligation and a responsibility for the environment.


LAMBERTS Eco Glass is 100% recyclable when it is to be discarded in the future for whatever reason. When it is recycled, in the melting process, no harmful side effcts occur whatsoever.
These and many additional individual measures enable us to offer you high quality glass products that for many years now not only succesfully contribute towards an ecologically sustainable future in architecture, but also apply the most.